Reimagine Life, Loss & Love

Reimagine Life, Loss & Love is one of our brand new international experiences. We are relations. Relations are life, alife we can daily Reimagine


Our Organization works since 1992 to ensure closeness and proximity to suffering people at the end of their lives. It takes care of the physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological, and social aspects of the ill person and familiars.

Presenza Amica is committed to the timely dissemination of the culture of palliative care and awareness so that the right to the early and better access care is guaranteed – whatever the age of the patient and the disease – in respect of the dignity of the person.


We are active so that sick people do not suffer discrimination for their sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, and social status.

More than a hundred Volunteers are staying daily alongside those who suffer and promote the best quality of life, to the end.

Reimagine Life, Loss & Love is just another path, we would like to have you beside us to go ahead and trace new ones: GIVE through


Shall we have A CONVERSATION?

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Reimagine Life, Loss & Love

Reimagine Life, Loss & Love

Our commitment continues also at an international level: we promote seminars, conversations and workshops that accompany the path of awareness. Their hallmark is relationships, which we consider central in every moment of life.

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A VOICE. The experience of nurses during COVID-19


We are here to Reimagine the collective idea of nurses during and after COVID 19.
They have been often called heroes, but are they reflected in this image?
We would love to hear their voices and write together a new page of human history.

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