Volunteers for life

We are close to the people
that are living the final part
of their lives.
We think
to their families/caregivers too.

Presenza Amica is a non-profit organization committed to protecting the dignity of the sick person in an advanced and evolutionary stage of disease, including chronic oncological and non-oncological disease with poor prognosis. It pays attention to the person throughout the life cycle accompanying him/her in the process of acquiring the awareness that death is a segment of it.

It informs citizens and guides them in their choices today and tomorrow.

Where do our Volunteers arrive

Places where relationship matters.

Hospice / Garbagnate Milanese, Milan

Hospital Center "G. Salvini"

ASST Rhodense


On the territory

Hospice / Milan

Don Luigi Palazzolo Institute

Don Gnocchi Foundation

ATS Milano

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